Post-doctoral and doctoral positions

The deadline for a first wave of recruitment for doctoral and post-doctoral positions under the ERC Consolidator grant “Socsemics” has expired on Sept 30th, 2019. Depending on the evolution of the project in 2020, there may be a second wave covering more specific topics.

There will soon be an open doctoral fellowship under the forthcoming ANR grant “Records”, focusing on the effect of algorithms on cultural practices and specifically in the context of music streaming platforms.

All these offers take place in an interdisciplinary context and touch a variety of domains: computational social science, political science, NLP, information visualization, sociology of the internet, social network analysis, complex network modeling, essentially.

The team presentation video offers more context on the team.

Research internships

Prospective MSc students may contact me at anytime to discuss the possibility of an internship in the team, on a variety of topics relevant to computational social science. Some topics are proposed on the job offer webpage as well.