Scholars I currently supervise are all based at my computational social science team at Centre Marc Bloch – feel free to check the dedicated website for more extensive details on our collective activity.

Here is also a short presentation video which likely provides a first glimpse of the team’s goals and composition.

Post-doctoral researchers

PhD students

MSc students

Former members

Previously supervised:

  • Lou Charaudeau (post-doc, ANR Algopol, 2014-15, now data scientist)
  • Chih-Chun Chen (post-doc, EU IP QLectives, 2010-13, now post-doc, U. Cambridge)
  • Floriana Gargiulo (post-doc, [ANR SIMPA] 2010-12, now Tenured Researcher, CNRS)
  • Sébastien Lerique (PhD student, EHESS, 2017, now post-doc, ENS Lyon)
  • Léda Mansour (post-doc, Aresos/Mastodons 2013, Algopol 2014, now post-doc, Paris-I Sorbonne)
  • Bivas Mitra (post-doc, Webfluence, 2010-11, now Assistant Professor, IIT Kharagpur)
  • Lionel Tabourier (PhD student, Webfluence, 2010, now Assistant Professor [maître de conférences], U. Paris-VI)