I presently supervise the following grant-funded projects at CNRS, as a global PI or local PI.

  • Socsemics, main PI, active 2018-23
    ERC-funded Consolidator Grant, €1.8m
    Socsemics focuses on the existence of so-called echo chambers, “bubbles” or, more broadly, fragmentation in online public spaces, addressing these phenomena through a dual socio-semantic approach, i.e. considering jointly the interactional and informational confinement of users. It aims at making progresses in socio-semantic network modeling, natural language processing, digital sociology and hybrid network visualization.

  • Records, PI for CNRS (main PI: Thomas Louail), active 2020-23
    ANR-funded project (Generic Call 2018), €640k including €125k at CNRS-CMB
    Records will focus on the listening practices of users of music streaming platforms through a unique partnership with Deezer - through both qualitative (interviews, surveys) and quantitative approaches (data analysis, modeling). The influence of recommendation algorithms on user tastes will be of particular interest for the CMB CSS team.


These are former projects where I acted either as main or as local PI (selection among grants above €50k).

  • Algodiv, main PI, 2016-19
    ANR-funded project (Generic Call 2015), €650k
    AlgoDiv (“Algorithmic Recommendation and Information Diversity”) gathered sociologists and computer scientists on the role of algorithms and algorithmic practices on information diversity in online communities, especially recommendation and filtering algorithms.

  • AlgoPol, main PI, 2012-15
    ANR-funded project (CONTINT 2011), €430k
    AlgoPol (“Politique des algorithmes”) also gathered sociologists and computer scientists on the existence algorithms for ranking and sorting digital content and online users and, more broadly, for appraising information circulation. The objective of the project is to analyze these transformations, the use of these algorithms and to develop knowledge regarding the new metrics of information on the web.

  • QLectives, PI for CNRS (main PI: Nigel Gilbert), 2009-13
    EU-funded project (ICT, FP7), €5m including €300k at CNRS-CAMS
    QLectives aimed at studying collaborative content production in “Quality Collectives”, i.e. functional decentralized communities that self-organize for the benefit of its participants, with two prototypical application domains: science and media content production. A collective book gathers key contributions from the project and is available here.

  • SIMPA, PI for CNRS (main PI: Klaus Hamberger), 2009-12
    ANR-funded project (SYSCOMM 2009), €350k including €85k at CNRS-CAMS
    SIMPA aimed at appraising the structure and morphogenesis of kinship network, focusing notably on bias and missing data, and gathered modelers and anthropologists for around three years.

  • Webfluence, main PI, 2008-10
    ANR-funded project (SYSCOMM 2008), €450k
    Webfluence endeavored at analyzing, modeling and reconstructing the structure and dynamics of blog networks (including morphogenesis and diffusion phenomena).